Kaon ta Silay Food Festival!

60th Kansilay festival June 5

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Mayor's Message

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It is a basic tenet of democracy that government is one of the people, by the people, and for the people. On this premise is based the democratic principle that government must work for the greatest good for the greatest number. There are outward signs that Silay City has made considerable growth over the years. But these indicators can only beg the question: Has this growth improved the lot of the great majority of Silaynons? (read more)


To build a prosperous and resilient city, proud of its culture and heritage that promotes business opportunities, invest in a strong infrastructure support on food security and productivity, and delivers excellent social services for Silaynon families to live in a peaceful community and a sustainable environment.


A prosperous and resilient city. proud of its culture and heritage, where Silaynon Families enjoy excellent social services and live in a peaceful community and sustainable environment.

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Delicacies of Silay

Dont miss our Delicious Delicacies.

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Kansilay Festival

Celebrate with us every June 12.

News and Events

Upcoming News

Upcoming News

Contact Number

Mayor's Office:    (034) 495-0061
                              (034) 495-0587
                              (034) 495-5269
S.P.:                       (034) 495-6636
                              (034) 495-4998
Police Station:     (034) 495-0166
                              (034) 495-5000
Bureau of Fire:    (034) 495-4727
Ambulance:         (034) 495-4745
                              (034) 495-4787
                              (034) 476-9210
                              (034) 476-2450
Silay City Health: (034) 495-5018
PESO:                   (034) 432-9169

Schedule of Events

(June 6-12)
Charter Anniversary/ Kansilay Festival

(November 5)
Negros Revolution Anniversary

(November 13)
Feast of San Diego de Alcala

Christmas Village