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The Philippines has many popular folk dances which have evolved and changed as they have been...

Ancestral Houses


"The Pride of Silay"




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Silay City

It is with great pleasure to cordially welcome all of you to Silay City, the “Seat of arts, culture and eco-tourism in Western Visayas”. The Department of Tourism identified Silay as one of the 25 major tourist destinations in the country.

Silay History

1565. Carobcob, the first known settlement in Negros, serves as the landmark and civilization in Silay. A village by the sea formerly situated between the present Barangay Balaring proper and Sitio Bongol. The name Carobcob was given by the Spaniards after the occupation of the people living in the area. “Carobcob is a native term meaning “to scratch.” The villagers were dependent on scratching for “Tuway” shells which were abundant in the shores. Carobcob was founded near the mouth of the creek. To date, nothing is left to the village. It was destroyed by typhoons.

Accomplishment Report

Silay Christmas Village 2015

Silay City's Vision-Mission

Silay City's Vision-Mission



  • Police Station - (034) 495-0166/5000
  • Bureau of Fire - (034) 495-4727
  • Ambulance - (034) 495-4745/4787 - (034) 476-9210/2450
  • Senior Citizen - (034) 476-1607
  • Mayor's Office - (034) 495-0068/0587/5269
  • PESO - (034) 495-0069

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Public Information Division

2nd Floor Silay City Hall Building

Phone: (034) 495-0061
Cell Phone: 0938-6018424

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